Project Timeline

Step 1

The first year of this NSF-funded project focused on developing learning trajectories on sampling variability and regression – two fundamental concepts to the study of statistics but notably difficult for learners to master. The created learning trajectories  provide a research-based model for the learning process learners go through in order to reach a deep and integrated understanding of the topic.

Step 2

Using the learning trajectories as a guide, the next step of the project is to develop and study instructional materials for teachers. The teacher preparation materials  specifically addresses both teacher statistical content needs as well as statistical pedagogical needs using data relevant to teachers and the education community.

The instructional materials are: (1) aligned with the Common Core Standards, (2) guided by the learning framework of the GAISE report, (3) informed by student learning and designed to directly impact teacher practice, (4) target topics that have been identified as difficult for learners to understand, and (5) driven by real data.

Step 3

Pilot the materials in a professional development for teachers.

Step 4

Analyze results from the pilot in order to see how to update the materials to better reflect teacher needs.  Once the materials are perfected, they will be downloadable to all from our Materials page.

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