Lesson Plans

Project-SET has designed several lessons to teach sampling variability and linear regression.  All of the lessons are aligned with the Common Core as well as the GAISE guidelines.

Each lesson is divided into 3 parts: (1) an overview that provides alignment details, (2) an instructional lesson plan demonstrating how the lesson relates to GAISE as well as assessment details and possible extensions, and (3) an activity sheet which guides the lesson in the classroom.

Sampling variability lesson plans

Activity-SV_Loop 1-M&Ms

Activity-SV_Loop 2-School Color

Act-SV_Loop 3-Text Messages

Act-SV_Loop4-Cents and the Central Limit Theorem

Act-SV_Loop5-Confidence Intervals

Linear Regression Lesson Plans

Act-Reg_Loop 1-What Fits

Act-Reg_Loop1-Examing Math Test Scores

Act-Reg Loop2-Jump Height Sports

Act-Reg_Loop3-NFL Quarterback Salaries

Act-Reg_Loop3-Used Car

Act-Reg_Loop5-Text Messages Time Consuming




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