Here is a list of presentations related to Project-SET.  Please contact us if you are interested in having us give an invited talk or presentation about the project developments.

ICOTS9, 08/17/14, presenter Ann Watkins, invited talk: Project-SET materials for the teaching and learning of sampling variability and regression

ICOTS9, 08/15/14, presenter Stephanie Casey, invited talk: Teachers’ knowledge of students’ conceptions and their development when learning linear regression

ICOTS9, 08/12/14, presenter Christine Franklin representing the American Statistical Association, invited talk: The Statistical Education of Teachers (SET): An American Statistical Association Policy Document

eCOTS, 05/14 Common Core and Teacher Preparation, presenter Christine Franklin, keynote speaker.

Cal State Los Angeles, 05/14, presenter Anna Bargagliotti, invited talk

AERA, 04/14, presenters Anna Bargagliotti and Celia Anderson

Claremont Colleges (Pomona College/Harvey Mudd College), 03/27/14, presenter Anna Bargagliotti

Mathematics Department Seminar LMU, 03/12/14, presenter Anna Bargagliotti

AMTE, 02/07/14, presenters Stephanie Casey and Anna Bargagliotti

CREATE-STEM Seminar LMU, 02/06/14, presenter Stephanie Casey, invited talk

Joint Mathematics Meetings, 01/17/14, presenter Christine Franklin,  Invited panelist (representing American Statistical Association), session for the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) Session for Chairs, Preparing for the future with new curriculum guides, “Statistics and K-16: Great Opportunities and Challenges”

CREATE-STEM Seminar LMU, 10/28/13 , presenter Anna Bargagliotti, invited talk

JSM Conference, 08/06/13, presenters Anna Bargagliotti, Stephanie Casey, Chris Franklin, Randall Groth, Tim Jacobbe, and Jennifer Kaplan, invited session

USCOTS , K-12 Teacher Preparation in Statistics: It Is No Longer Optional but Essential, 05/16/13-05/18/13, presenters Anna Bargagliotti, Chris Franklin, Randall Groth, Tim Jacobbe, and Jennifer Kaplan, 1 hour and 15 minute invited session

USCOTS, Preparing to teach K-12 Statistics: Using Digital Tools for Teaching and Learning, 05/16/13-05/18/13, presenters Hollylynne Stohl-Lee, Stephanie Casey, and Tyler Pulis, 1 hour and 15 minute invited session

AMTE Conference, 01/24/13-01/26/13, presenter Stephanie Casey, 1 hour talk

NCTM Hartford Regional Conference, 10/24/12-10/26/12, presenter Anna Bargagliotti, 1 hour talk

NSF DRK-12 PI Meeting, 06/13/12-06/15/12, presenter Anna Bargagliotti & Randall Groth, poster


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